Makeup Extraordinaire ... Wardrobe Stylist ... Consultant

Anjanette is an expert  Makeup Artist of 15 years who has worked with well known designers and  people in the industry.Her specialities include working with Models ….Runway,Print,Video working with Actors and Producers... TV,Commercial and Special Occasions .... Weddings ,Balls, Parties and more.

Anjanette started as a Makeup Artist for the well-known Cosmetic company and King of  Couture Christian Dior.After working as one of the top Artist.She decided to venture out and start feelancing for various High-End Cosmetics Companies.After several requests to do personal and commercial events.Anjanette decided to start her own Company...Face Artistry.

With a background in upscale Cosmetics, Fashion and Marketing how could she go wrong.Face Artistry is a leading Makeup Artistry and  Cosmetics company.Offering beauty needs for Agencies, Photographers, Models, Brides and the everyday glamour girls who just want to keep their reign …as they truly deserve.

In addition to her Makeup Artistry, Anjanette offers Consulting and Wardrobe Styling.
And for those of you who have asked for years..YES,Anjanette has started a complete line of  Professional wear Cosmetics and Skincare ranging from Natural to Glam!

Anjanette travels nationally and is based in Raleigh, NC.



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