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Welcome to Face Artistry...
Face Artistry is owned and operated by Anjanette, an accomplished Makeup Artist with 15 years of experience. She works with the best experts in the business and is well known for her talents in Print,Video, Fashion, Weddings, Wardrobe styling and Consulting. Anjanette is Senior Artist and works closely with Photographers, Producers, Agencies, Models, Actors and Brides.In addition to Professional Makeup Artistry, Face Artistry offers a complete line of Professional wear Cosmetics and Skincare ranging from Natural to Glam.

Children-Junior's Gallery
Please visit our Childrens - Juniors portfolio featuring child actors, models and bright young adults. see gallery

commercial advertising

Commercial- Advertising
We are there for the corporate companies to the fashion world. Offering a professional look for the business man or women. To fashion couture for models, agencies, photographers. Or anywhere in between! Advertising offers no limits. see gallery


Bridal Gallery
Face Artistry takes pride in assuring every Bride will get a look that is personalized for them. Anjanette knows that every Bride should feel her most beautiful ever, and for the Groom to know that she is! see gallery

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